Campsites & Coronavirus: What you need to know


For many of our guests this year, a campervan holiday is a new experience and many are wondering not only where to go on their road trip, but where to stay. The UK & Ireland has a wide range of campsites dotted across the country that will provide safe, socially distanced places for you to park your motorhome at night. Some campsites offer basic amenities and others are home to 5 star facilities to keep the whole family entertained for weeks on end.

Like all organisations, campsites have been updating their procedures to ensure they are Covid secure and ready to welcome guests. To help keep you updated, we have put together a list of what to expect at campsites throughout the 2020 season:

Campsites are re-opening!

The good news is that the majority of campsites plan to re-open for the 2020 season and are accepting bookings for rented campers and motorhomes. However, whilst the majority of campsites across Europe are re-opening, some have made the decision to remain closed until next year. Please be sure to check with your chosen campsite.

Book in advance

Some regions such as the Isle of Skye in Scotland have advised that it is essential to pre-book campsites before arriving on the island. This is not only to protect guests and communities but demand is higher than usual for campsites this season. Please be sure to plan in advance, especially if travelling in summer, over public holidays or with children.

Access to shower and toilets facilities

Most campsites will open their shower and toilet facilities however, there are a number of sites across Europe that have chosen to keep these facilities closed. Please be sure to check with your chosen campsite.

Guests travelling in Volkswagen campers are advised to check with their campsite in advance of booking as some campsites may only accept bookings for fully self-contained vehicles which include a toilet on board.

Check onsite facilities

Not all campsites will open all of their available facilities and communal areas such as receptions, shops, laundries, and play areas are likely to be closed. Please make sure you bring all your essentials with you, including camping gas.

Get your Campsite Guide

To help you plan your trip, Tyne Campers provides a campsite guide with all rentals. In the UK, all of our campervans and motorhomes are members of The Camping & Caravanning Club Privilege Scheme which offers up to 30% discount on participating sites.

Informal/wild camping

Please be advised that local communities across Europe do remain concerned about the impact of wild/informal camping on the spread of Covid19. We advise all guests to stay overnight at campsites to ensure social distancing and hygiene can be met.

Where this is not possible, we kindly request that guests please act responsibly and follow the ‘Leave no trace’ policy. Remember that informal camping is supposed to be discrete and away from residential areas. Just because you have seen another motorhome parked up, it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable or legal. We would also highlight that putting up washing lines and setting out picnic areas in car parks is not appropriate and should be avoided.

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